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Vino Rosso di Toscana – Red wine of Tuscany

This wine comes from the vintage of grapes cultivated with artisan devotion in a high intensity newly renewed vineyard of approximately 6200 plants. The vintage is carried out though manual grape-harvesting as soon as the grapes have reached their maturity stage. The fermentation and working occurs in contact with grape skins for at least three weeks and the traditional reassembling methods keep the wine smooth and flowing. The wine can therefore mature easily thanks to the mild climate of Castagneto. After the hard winter and after being refined in barrels, the wine is bottled without it being filtered. Rosso di Toscana I.G.T. Uvaggio: Sangiovese 70% Merlot, Cabernet, Syrah, Altri 30%
Vino Bolgheri Bianco – White Bolgheri Wine

This classic and traditional wine of Tuscany expresses a whole lot of personality and character thanks to the care and the attention to detail. We owe the body and character of this white wine to The Trebbiano by 70%.The rest of 30% is the Vermentino, which adds grace and elegance to this wine. It is delicious to taste and savor. It is fresh and accompanies the traditional Mediterranean cuisine based on grilled fish and white meats. Bolgheri Bianco D.O.C. Uvaggio: Trebbiano 70% Vermentino 30%
Vino Bolgheri Rosato – Rose’ Bolgheri Wine

This wine is produced mainly with Sangiovese grapes.T he natural fruits of this area are blended into this wine give and create a smooth and delicious taste. After the usual working of the grapes in contact with the grape skins for no more than three hours, the must is treated in the same as is done with white wine, by checking the temperature used to ferment and to decant without filtering. It gets bottled in February and it would be preferable to taste it in its first year. Bolgheri Rosato D.O.C. Uvaggio: Sangiovese 70% Cabernet 10% Altri 20%
Olio Extra Vergine Toscano – Extra Virgin Tuscany Olive Oil

Our production is very artisan and limited. The secular plants are planted in the ‘Moraiolo’, ‘Leccino’, and ‘Frantoiano’ way. The olives are picked in the traditional Tuscan way, manually within 24 hours. This takes place in a modern oil-mill which respects and guarantees traceability and hygiene. The oil is bottled in 0,75 ltr.bottles or in 5 ltr.tins. Olio Extravergine di Oliva Toscano I.G.P Cultivar: Moraiolo, Leccino, Frantoiano.

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